University Off-Campus Housing Sites By

University Off-Campus Housing Sites

University Off-Campus Housing Sites
Many universities across the globe recommend us. As part of their programs to provide off-campus housing, they list us as a trusted resource for housing needs. Please check back often as the list is growing every day.


University of New South Wales: Human Resources 

University of Sydney: Centre for the Foundations of Science: Visitor Accommodations


McMaster University: Family/Faculty Resource Tools

Queens University: Finding Housing in Kingston

Ryerson University: Resources for New Comers

University of Toronto: Faculty Relocation

University of Waterloo: Human Resources: Relocation


University of Oslo: For Employees: Renting Private Housing

Euraxess Norway: Accommodation


Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich: Accommodations for Outgoings

United Kingdom

London Business School: Moving to London

University of Edinburgh: Relocation Support

York University: Faculty Association



Arizona State University: Travel: International


San Francisco State University: Off-Campus Housing

Stanford: SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory: Accommodations

Stanford: Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Sciences: Housing Resources

University of California, Berkeley: International Computer Science Institute: Accommodations

University of California, Berkeley: Parents Network: Finding Rental Housing

University of California, Los Angeles: Humanities: Faculty Sublets

University of California, Los Angeles: Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics: Housing

University of California,  Santa Barbara: Housing , Dining, and Auxiliary Services


Northwestern University: Housing: Human Resources


Indiana University: Emeriti House Resources


University of Maryland: Faculty Handbook: Finding Housing


Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Department of Chemical Engineering: Department Resources

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Department of Physics: Information Guide

Wellesley College: Academic Real Estate Networks


Michigan State University: Work/Life Office: Housing


University of Minnesota – Housing: Rental Home Search

New York

New York University: Paris: Graduate Housing

North Carolina

NC State University: Information for J1 Exchange Visitors


Bryn Mawr College: Housing Resources

Swarthmore College: Faculty Diversity and Excellence


Brigham Young University: Faculty Center: New Faculty Starter Kit

Washington: Deparment of Microbiology: Relocation to Seattle


Wisconsin: Campus Area Housing: Relocating to Madison



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