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10 Questions to Ask Future Tenants

You’ve listed your home on SabbaticalHomes.com and people are responding! But now what?

The best way to find the perfect tenant is to ask good questions that will help you determine who’s right for your home.

Use these 10 helpful questions to find the right tenant for your home.

1) Why are you traveling?

Begin with a simple conversation starter and build from there. Getting to know each other is the first step to making a match.

2) Will anyone be traveling with you?

Gather more information from your potential tenant so that you get a clear picture of their travel plans and accommodation needs.

3) What kind of work do you do, and what’s your employment history?

Take some time to understand their professional pursuits. You might happen to know someone in common or be able to connect them to a local resource.

4) Do you have any references you’d like to provide?

It’s important to check references to verify the details you’ve collected about your potential tenant.

5) Do you smoke?

This is an often overlooked, but important question to ask. It will give you an opportunity to discuss your boundaries, such as smoking on the porch only.

6) Are you traveling with any pets?

Again, another important question to ask. Establish what you’re comfortable with in your home and be sure to communicate your expectations early.

7) If a pipe broke in the home and began to flood, what would you do?

This “what if” question is helpful in understanding how your tenant might react to potentially stressful home-related situations.

8) Can I have a copy of your passport?

A copy of identification is helpful to verify the legitimacy of your potential tenant.

9) Will You Agree to a Background/Credit Check?

You can choose to ask for a background check as understanding their credit is helpful in determining if they can afford the rental price you are asking.

10) Do You Have Any Questions?

Keeping open lines of communication is key. Take time to answer questions your potential tenant might have for you.


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  1. Vajra Khandi

    I had an enjoyable experience renting to a wonderful retired teacher whose 2 other rental plans fell through one summer and who agreed to be my temporary housemate. I went online and downloaded a rental agreement, adding some particulars of my own. I met her local professional relatives. The deposit I required did need to be partially used to cover a food moth issue that developed because my renter didn’t follow a rule I have to “Not Eat or Store Food In Bedroom”.

  2. SabbaticalHomes

    Hi Vajra, Glad to hear you had such a positive experience! (Good reason to have “house rules” too!)

  3. i like this blog it contains many information it is very useful and exclusive

  4. There is a large financial problem if you rent to someone from overseas and they choose to leave the country without fully paying the rent. It is something that U.S. landlords need to be aware of.

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