Member Icons and How to Earn Them By Member Icons and How to Earn Them

We have icons throughout the website to make it easier for members to see if others might be the right fit.  On listings and public profiles, you will find the familiar graduation cap indicating a member who is part of academia and the apple for retired academics/independent scholars.

You will also see a Trust Score icon for every user and all members have the opportunity to earn even more icons: Matched Member, Connected Member and part of the Inner Circle.

Academic Status Member Icons


Many members of SabbaticalHomes are affiliated with colleges, universities and other academic institutions. When you first register, you will select your Academic Status (there is always the option to make changes after you have created an account by going to My Profile). Once a member verifies their academic email, the graduation cap will appear as solid. Prior to that, the graduation cap will be outlined.

Solid graduation cap indicating verified academic on SabbaticalHomes.

Academic Status (verified)

Confirmed academics have verified with that they belong to one of the following communities:

  • Academic Faculty or Staff (includes Universities, Research Institutes, and Museums)
  • Graduate or Post-Graduate Student
  • School Teacher (Primary and Secondary)

Outline of graduation cap indicating pending academic status.

Academic Status (pending verification)

Academics pending confirmation have indicated that they are members of an academic institution as listed above, but have not yet verified their status.

Independent Scholar

Independent scholars are members working outside of traditional academia or retired academics. This group of individuals includes writers, artists, musicians, scientists, philosophers and more.

Solid apple icon indicating Independent or retired scholar on

Independent Scholar or Retired Academic

Individual Outside of Academia

These are members who share the Minds on the Move philosophy. These members are not officially part of academia, but who are a good fit with values. Icon for an Individual Outside of Academia.

Individual Outside of Academia

Commercial / Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agents and Property Managers are able to post a limited number of listings on SabbaticalHomes. These listings can add to the variety of homes available, which ultimately benefits members looking for a home away from home.

SabbaticalHomes Icon for Commercial or Real Estate Brokers

Commercial or Real Estate Broker

Additional Member Icons

Trust Score Icon

Every member has a Trust Score icon as soon as their account is created. The newly added Trust Score feature reflects a member’s level of involvement and commitment within the SabbaticalHomes community. The more involved you are with the site and other members, the higher your Trust Score will be. Trust Scores are not a percentage and there is not a maximum amount of points a member can earn.

New members might have a score of 20 points or less. Longtime members who have made multiple matches, written reviews, and referred others would be expected to have a higher score (50 or more points). Trust Score Member Icon.

Trust Score Icon

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Connected Member Icon

Members earn the Connected Member icon on their profile in a few ways, for example, when a member has referred (or been referred by) another member. Similarly, people earn this icon when they have invited someone else to join – or been invited. Lastly, this icon shows when members write and receive personal references. It’s a great opportunity to build your own connections within our community and to be able to see how connected our members are to each other.

SabbaticalHomes Connected Member Icon

Connected Member Icon

Matched Member Icon

When a member finds a home or tenant using our site, checks references, and moves forward with a lease or contract terms, that is a match on SabbaticalHomes. Finding a listing that looks good or having a conversation with another member is not considered a match.

Members must announce or confirm the match on to earn this icon. These individuals power the community and often earn great reviews as well, as they are generally good communicators; both host and guest have very clear expectations of the stay.

SabbaticalHomes Solid Star to indicate Matched Member.

Matched Member Icon

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Inner Circle Icon

The inner circle is a select group of members that imbue the qualities and spirit of the community. These individuals have proven their dedication to facilitating the travel and housing needs of academics and like-minded individuals. Inner Circle icon

Inner Circle icon

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