Tips to Use the Updated Search Filters By

Tips to Use the Updated Search Filters

You may have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for or you may still be exploring different locations or types of homes. You might actually be looking for a tenant for your own home, as well!

Whatever temporary housing solution you are looking for, you can easily apply our powerful filters to see what SabbaticalHomes listings might be a good fit for your needs.

Search Results & Using Filters Home Page with Search Bar

Most people start out their search on the SabbaticalHomes home page. First, select the type of listing you are looking for:

  • Home Rental
  • Home Exchange
  • Tenant (when you are looking for a guest to stay in your home)

Next, type in the location or the university you are looking near. You’ll have the option to select dates at this point. Or, you can press the blue “Search” button to see the results first and narrow down the timing when you are looking through the search results.

No matter what type of listing you are searching for, you will have options to sort and filter your search results to find the listings that look promising. You’ll add your date range and be able to sort by recently updated listings, budget or Trust Score. For each type of listing, we have additional filters you can apply to see which listings might meet your needs.

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Home Rental Listings: Helpful Search Filters

Home Rental Search Results Paris France

The listings that match your initial search location or university will display along with a map showing the listing prices. When you hover over the listing prices on the map, you’ll see a thumbnail picture of each home along with a summary of the listing information.

You’ll also be able to sort by:

  • Recently Updated
  • Trust Score
  • Budget (lowest to highest or highest to lowest)

Home Rental Search Result Filters

When you click on the blue “Filters” button, you will have a variety of filters to choose from, including:

  • Currency & Weekly or Monthly Stay
  • Budget
  • Details about your ideal property
  • House sitting or Home Sharing
  • Academic Status of the homeowner
  • A variety of Surroundings and Features of the home

Home Exchange Listings: Helpful Hints to Focus your Search Results

Home Exchange Search Results on SabbaticalHomes Sydney and Los Angeles

When searching for home exchanges, you’ll have the option to choose your destination. You can also search for home exchange listings that have selected your location as their destination!

Similar to home rental listings, you’ll be able to sort and filter all the home exchange listings that appear in the locations you’re looking in. This is one of our favorite ways to find your next home away from home!

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Tenant Listings: How to Search for the Right Guest for Your Home

Tenant Search Results in Boston Massachusetts

Searching for a tenant or guest often happens after you have lined up your own place to stay and need to find someone to stay in your home.

You want to find someone who is a good fit for you and your place. Tenant listings on SabbaticalHomes include  a summary of the other member, their timing and the ideal location and type of home they’d like to stay in. You can filter tenant listings by the same criteria as home rental or home swap listings: recently updated, Trust Score and budget. You can also narrow down the radius of where guests may be looking for a home.

Tenant Search Filter for Boston Massachusetts

When you click on the blue “Filters” button, you will see all the ways you can find potential tenants who have the same ideas around budget, house sitting and home sharing.

You can even filter for academic status, if you know you would prefer to have a tenant who works in the academic world.

Once you have narrowed down your search results, it’s helpful to save both searches and listings in My Favorites to refer back to them later.

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Making Your Own Arrangements: Checking References, Contracts and Payments between Members

Searching for listings is just the first step of finding the right match on SabbaticalHomes. One of the most unique aspects of our website is the flexibility of making your own arrangements with other members.

Please be sure to familiarize yourself with our recommendations on checking references and agreeing to a contract between members. Both of these should be done prior to arranging any type of rental payments outside of the website.

And don’t forget to announce your match, pay your USD $50 Made-a-Match Fee and post reviews about matches you’ve found on SabbaticalHomes!

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