A Dozen Reasons to Love Sabbatical Homes!  By

A Dozen Reasons to Love Sabbatical Homes!

2012 commemorates the 12th anniversary of SabbaticalHomes.com. When it comes to finding or offering a home to rent, exchange, sit or share, the academic community has continually counted on SabbaticalHomes.com. We’ve been proudly helping minds on the move since 2000, and happily continue that tradition.

In celebration we’ve compiled a dozen reasons to love SabbaticalHomes.com:

  1. We love to love you back! We are dedicated to academics, writers & artists and facilitating the pursuit of education.
  2. We keep home listings clear, full of pictures, and searchable by location.
  3. Fall and spring back, with a summer simmer. An added bonus to our specialized service is that a majority of the homes available fit the flow of an academic calendar.
  4. It’s easy to find a comfortably furnished home that includes an office gently hugged by books.
  5. We study as hard as you do and luckily many of the homes offered are near universities.
  6. SabbaticalHomes.com is still a small, privately owned operation run by a dedicated group of cosmopolitan individuals.
  7. We champion an intimate sense of community and are proud to provide an advertisement-free, specialized service. We are powered by low home and tenant listing fees combined with a $50 Made-a-Match fee for each time members find the right fit in a home or tenant on our site.
  8. The website is user-friendly, has a great search capability, and will soon reveal a makeover (be on the lookout)!
  9. Our home offerings include locations from all over the world.
  10. We like to keep you in the loop with links to relevant articles, guides and housing resources.
  11. The drool-worthy Pinterest boards we’ve created to help to inspire your next sabbatical destination.
  12. You’re a member! The success of SabbaticalHomes.com is in the hands of the academic community it serves and we’re happy to have you here.

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