Survey of our Academic Members around the World during COVID-19  By

Survey of our Academic Members around the World during COVID-19

Los Angeles, CA (12/1/20) – Recently we conducted a survey of members who work in academic and research institutions across the globe. These academic professionals responded in detail, painting a striking picture of how our resilient community is managing the challenging work / life balance that has resulted from COVID-19.

In true style, some of our members have spent the pandemic months either on sabbatical or working from a remote location, and some are making plans to do so in 2021 (although not everyone is able to work remotely and many have children potentially attending school in person). Wherever our community is working from, we appreciate the respectful and detailed responses to our survey.

Sheltering During the Pandemic

Here are just a few highlights of locations around the world that our members are staying in or heading to:

  • Michigan to Taiwan
  • New York to Paris
  • United Kingdom to Portugal
  • Living in Trinidad
  • Santa Barbara, California to Berlin
  • Heading to Turkey 
  • Germany to Australia
  • Living in Vietnam
  • Providence, RI to Toulouse, France
  • Heading to Edinburgh, Scotland

Considering Shelter in Place Locations

Graphic showing that survey respondents value nature when considering a location to shelter in place during the pandemic.

Facing Difficulties during a Pandemic

Graphic showing major challenges in 2020 for academics: political uncertainty and limited access to libraries during the pandemic.

Teaching and Researching during COVID-19

Graphic showing 66% of SabbaticalHomes survey respondents working online only in the Fall, 22% online and in person and 3% in person only.

Staying Close to Home – or Not

Graphic showing respondents' work locations are not restricted for 64% of respondents, but are limited for 19%.

Working from a Different Location this Fall

Graphic showing that 12% of survey respondents are working from another location, 21% are considering it and 62% are not working from another place.

Planning to Work Remotely in 2021

Graphic showing that if work remains online into 2021, 61% of survey respondents are considering a new shelter in place location. 26% are not considering it.

Prioritizing “Must Haves” for Remote Work

Graphic showing survey respondent priorities for remote work, including reliable Wi-Fi, different weather, being closer to nature and family.

Impacting our Community

Graphic showing what challenges have impacted survey respondents most in 2020, including social justice, anxiety about physical and mental health, stress on universities and finances.

Taking Care of Ourselves

Graphic showing how survey respondents are taking care of themselves, including exercise, gardening, time with family, meditating and sleeping more.

Longing for Pre-Pandemic Life

Graphic showing what respondents miss the most about pre-pandemic academic life, including the professional community and student interaction and discussions.

Finding Silver Linings in 2020

Graphic showing what respondents say have been silver linings during the pandemic, like no commute, more time with family and being more productive and creative.

Summing it Up

There is a reason why SabbaticalHomes Founder Nadege Conger created this website in 2000: our community of academic Minds on the Move is global, articulate, hard-working and passionate about education, research, science and the arts. Being able to provide the platform for so many to find temporary housing or tenants for relocations, fellowships, sabbaticals, research trips and pleasure travel is our mission. It’s even more important during this difficult time.

It should be no surprise (but still inspiring) that so many SabbaticalHomes members have come up with innovative ways to work and educate others during a global pandemic. This data is just the tip of the iceberg from this survey. If you are interested in receiving a PDF of this Survey Report and learning more detail about the free response answers, please Contact Us.

Survey Methodology

  • Survey included 17 questions with a mix of quantitative and qualitative responses
  • Sent on two dates in September 2020
  • 237 members who work in academic settings, museums or research institutes responded to the survey

Let us know what you think! If you are a member with an inspiring story about your experience during the pandemic, please share in the comments below or Contact Us. You can also connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook,  Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.