Members Awarded 2019 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences  By Members Awarded 2019 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences

Manhattan Beach, CA (10/24/19) – congratulates member Esther Duflo, PhD, along with her husband, Abhijit Banerjee, PhD, and Michael Michael Kremer, PhD, for being honored with the 2019 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.

Working together for years, Dr. Duflo and Dr. Banerjee of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Dr. Kremer of Harvard University have successfully researched innovative ways to alleviate global poverty. Some examples of their carefully constructed research has been testing ways to increase immunizations among children and tactics to improve education among these populations.

Notably, their research has been hailed by international peers, governments and policy-makers as creative and actionable, providing responsive help to many who live in difficult conditions in developing nations.

As the New York Times stated on 10/14/19, “In studying problems like education deficiencies and child health, the economists search for evidence about which interventions can resolve them, and seek practical ways to bring good treatments to scale.”

Their recognition is the culmination of many years of research and collaborating with countless other academics. Dr. Banerjee and Dr. Duflo also have a new book being published in November 2019. In Good Economics for Hard Times, the professors detail how we can use economics to come up with global solutions to slowing economic growth, a warming climate, immigration and technology challenges.

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