Much Ado About Pets  By

Much Ado About Pets

Your plane ticket is booked, your plans are in motion, and you’re ready to begin your sabbatical – but what about your pets? Figuring out how to factor in the furry members of your family is an important part of any sabbatical plan, but it’s not as big of an obstacle as people often think. In fact, there are several options for pet owners and home owners alike.

If you are a pet owner preparing to embark on a sabbatical and your animal is travel-friendly, you always have the option of bringing your pet with you. If this is something you would like to do, you should first check in with the person whose home you’ll be staying in, to determine if this is feasible.

They may also be able to tell you about any local pet-related resources, such as pet-friendly places, local veterinarians, and any other factors about your sabbatical home that you may want to know before bringing an animal in.

Conversely, home owners who are unable to bring their pets with them can rely on other Sabbatical Homes users as a pet-sitting resource. Reducing your rental rate in exchange for your tenant agreeing to watch your pet while you’re gone is an excellent way to appeal to users searching for an affordable rate – and it provides you with peace of mind, as you’ll know that someone will be staying with your pet!

Be sure to clearly establish an agreement about what “pet-sitting” entails to avoid any confusion; some animals require more attention than others, and you want to be sure that your tenant has a proper understanding of your pet’s needs.

Pets should never be a reason not to take a sabbatical. How have you dealt with pets in your travel process? Connect with us on FacebookTwitter, or Google +.