He says/She says: Top Travel Essentials  By

He says/She says: Top Travel Essentials

“Oh no I forgot the ____!” Don’t let this happen to you on your next adventure. Pack these top travel essentials.

He says/She says is a new collaborative series written by two SabbaticalHomes.com team members. We chat about these things over coffee and thought we’d write about them too! All of our choices reflect our personal preferences and no compensation has been made for any items mentioned. We’d love to hear what you think too! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google +.

He Says…

1. Travel Grooming Kit

Bringing a travel grooming kit along solves the problem of forgetting smaller toiletry essentials: a razor, nail clippers, tweezers etc. Every important grooming tool will be conveniently packed in one simple location.

2. Sunglasses

We already know that wearing sunglasses will protect our eyes from damaging UV rays. But they also protect your baby blues from wind and dust while helping you truly see your adventure.

Don't forget your sunglasses on your travel packing list.

Don’t forget your sunglasses on your travel packing list.

3. Portable Filtration Bottle

With adventure comes travel, and with travel comes the great outdoors. Yet, the crystal clear river may hide a couple things that are invisible to the naked eye. Filter out micro-organisms, toxins, viruses, and bacteria right out of the bottle.

4. Travel Wallet

With a travel wallet, there will be no need to shuffle through your bags. The travel wallet enables you to keep all of your important documents in one place! With two note sections, a tailored passport pouch, and card slots, there is nothing else you will need to worry about.

5. Smartphone

Personal productivity. Social media. Entertainment. Some of my favorite productivity apps are Dropbox, Google Docs, and Evernote. If you’re active in social media, plug into your favorite social network–the benefit of instant access and response can’t be overstated. And if you just want to be entertained, there really is something for everyone; whether you want to play games, catch a movie, or just read a book.

6. Travel clothes steamer

Wrinkles are an inevitable by-product of packing. To look your best, you need a sharp wardrobe that appears freshly pressed, making a portable clothes steamer a top choice when packing.

7. High Capacity Portable Charger

Are you carrying too many gadgets with different chargers all together? A High Capacity Portable Charger has the juice to charge your tablet and smart phone simultaneously, among other things. By the time your flight leaves, you’ll have fully charged gadgets.

8. Swiss Army Knife

Functional. Handy. A must have. These are just a few ways to describe the Swiss Army Knife: everything from a toothpick to tiny scissors.

9. Camera*

Take a memorable picture and remember your life’s adventures through visuals. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

10. Travel Bag

A travel backpack ensures a comfortable travel experience. Easy to stow and store, being easy to carry for several hours. As they are designed with several compartments, this makes it easier to stay organized while traveling. Travel bags are also made with water-resistant fabrics that protect your valuables no matter the weather forecast: beneficial for travelers who will be outdoors for most of their trip.

She says…

1. Travel Apps

If your phone is so equipped for apps–load up with some good travel ones! Yelp is one of my favorites to help find a restaurant or the hours of a local museum. Word translators help avoid embarrassment. City Maps keep you on the right path. And Weather apps help keep you dry. Keep in mind that these helpful resources can usually be used abroad over WIFI connections, or sometimes without any network connection at all.

2. A Watch

Chances are you will need to be on time for quite a few things when you’re traveling– the train, an opera, the reservation you have for that great restaurant.

Put a watch on your travel essentials list.

Put a watch on your travel essentials list.

3. Comfy Shoes

You’ll be happy you opted for comfort if your travels bring you far and wide. And who says comfortable can’t be cute?

4. Noise-Canceling Headphones

What’s that you say? No, I didn’t hear that crying baby or snoring neighbor on the flight over…

5. Paper Soap

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited a restroom that (fortunately) had running water but (unfortunately) no soap! This little gem easily tucks away in your purse or pocket. Be nice and share with comrades giving you quizzical stares as to how you’re sudsing away in a soap-deficient restroom. Cleanliness knows no language barrier.

6. Sunblock

Prevent the “lobster” look with this handy tag along.

7. Camera*

Sure your phone might suffice, but just in case you want to go old school, grab a nice camera to preserve the memories of your trip.

8. Dropbox

Put your travel itinerary on dropbox, along with copies of your ID or other essentials. In the event that anything goes missing, you can easily access it.

9.  An Edited First Aid Kit

Who doesn’t eventually need a band aid, Advil, nail file, or sewing kit when they’re on the move?

10. A Great Scarf

A beautiful scarf looks fun during the day, serves as a shoulder cover for more modest sites, and can become a wraparound to keep you warm come night time. Not to mention it packs into a small ball. This versatile piece is a winning addition to any traveler’s wardrobe!

*note that we both included a camera on our respective top 10 lists!

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