6 Tips to help you prepare for a sabbatical By

6 Tips to help you prepare for a sabbatical

1. Develop a plan

Begin planning your time off arrange logistics, etc.

2. Don’t Lose Focus

Find something you’re passionate about that you’d like to investigate further. Use your sabbatical time for growth and discovery.

3. Be Practical

Know how much time you can afford to take off, investigate how much you will/can be compensated during your sabbatical. Assess your income. Can you take your family with you? What new costs will you incur?

4. Be Flexible

Know your limits and be creative about flexing within them. Can’t afford to pay rent in two places? Rent your home while you’re away. Or, consider arranging a home exchange with another member who has a place where you’d like to stay.

Think your home is too remote? Chances are a professor or student might want to visit your college or university while you’re out of town. Or, someone may think your home is the perfect place to finish writing a book, analyze their research or relax and recharge.

5. Check In

Check in with your friends back home and colleagues every once in a while. Let them know how you’re doing and vice versa.

6. Prepare to re-acclimate

Upon your return, stop at work a few days before you’re scheduled back. Catch up with your cohorts and students. This will help bring you back into the fold. Be prepared to accept new faces and new ways of doing things.

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