Finding the Perfect Match By

Finding the Perfect Match

Whether you are searching for a home or a tenant, we want you to find what you need. We’ve compiled some valuable information to help you find the perfect match for a home rental, home exchange, house sitting, or sharing opportunity.

Register (it’s free!)

Take a few minutes to register with us. Not only is registering free, it allows you to set up a profile that includes information about you and what you’re looking for so you will find the match that is right for you.

Registering is especially important because messages from member to member have more credibility–many people prefer to work with other members connected to the site. Although messages from unregistered guests are submitted, if they lack detail, they might be blocked or ignored.

Send Thoughtful Queries

If you’re searching for a home, be sure to include information about yourself when sending a query to a potential match. Let them know what you’re studying and how long you’re looking for accommodations. One-line emails that merely inquire about dates or prices and offer no personal information are unlikely to get a positive response.

Save Your Searches

Once you’ve registered, you can save listings that interest you, store inquiries about your listing, and save entire searches. It’s easy to find your favorites when you log back in.

Develop a Relationship

Take some time to get to know potential matches and their personalities. If possible, meet up in person. If not, set up a Skype or Google Hangouts conversation.

Ask Relevant Questions

Find out a bit about your potential match’s professional background. If you are searching for a tenant, be sure to make sure the person is someone you would have happy to have staying in your home. It’s also important to clarify how the rent will be paid and ask other pertinent questions, such as if they are willing to forward mail from time to time, tend to the home and garden, and so on.

If you are looking for a home, setting up a live chat or video conference will help both you and the potential host make sure that you are first and foremost, comfortable with each other as people. If you have decided it’s a good fit, move on to asking specific questions of a potential host or landlord on topics ranging from payment preferences to pet policies to how you should handle any minor or unexpected home repairs.

Check References 

Renting from fellow academics helps ease the understanding of what will be appropriate and needed. When searching for a tenant, it’s possible to ask for a reference letter from the match’s university/college/professional network.

Whoever you are setting up arrangements with, we recommend that you check each other’s references. Read more about how to go about that process: “Checking References: The First Step to a Successful Stay”.

If you are in the United States, you may ask the match to submit a self credit check to make sure they are in a financial position to manage the rental rates you have discussed.

Clarify Expectations

Discuss the home and weigh in on pragmatic considerations from the accommodation space, furnishings, and kids’ toys to towels and bedding. If you are letting your home, be sure to specify if things can be cleared out and where to put them if need be.

Prepare a Contract

One of the benefits of being a member is the good faith in knowing that your matches will be like-minded and professional. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to cover your bases: prepare a contract, plan for a security deposit, and agree to validate the contract only after the deposit clears the bank.

Get a head start with our Home Rental, Home Exchange, & Vehicle Use Agreement Guidelines.

Leave a Review

Leaving and receiving reviews is an important way to build your reputation as a Sabbatical Homes member. Be honest and clear about your experience with other Sabbatical Homes members and help build the integrity of our community.

“Trust your intuition and look for what’s right for you,” – advises Sabbatical Homes member, Deike Peters

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