2016 Sabbatical Homes Book Fair  By


  1. Carla Andreani

    My husband has written a book (in Italian). What do you mean by ?We’d love to include your work in our 2016 Book Fair”?

    1. SabbaticalHomes

      Hi Carla, Please email us the details of the book and we will include it on our 2016 Book Fair on our blog where we highlight books written by our members!

  2. http://www.lotushealingvillage.org/

    book Anywhere Anytime AnyBody Yoga

    tried to email as suggested above, not sure email came through
    thank you Namaste,

  3. HI I’m the author of ‘Hinterland’ (Bloomsbury)

    which has just come out in a new edition, in February.

    Forthcoming is ‘The Memory Stones,’ due in August

    1. SabbaticalHomes

      Hi Caroline, Please email us with more details…we’d love to include both books!

  4. Cynthea Frongillo

    How about books not yet published??

    1. SabbaticalHomes

      Hi Cynthea,
      Books yet published are welcome if you think they will be published in 2016.

  5. WE wrote a book published in 2010, Courage and Croissants, Inspiring Joyful Living. Would you consider it or only books this year?
    You can find it on amazon. I am happy to send a copy.

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