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Home Listing Photo Tips

Great photographs tell the story of your home and help potential tenants get a better idea about your listing. We want to help you make your photos great! Read the helpful photo tips below and you’ll be on your way to finding a match in no time!

Clean out the clutter

Your pictures should show your home at its best. Make sure that rooms are free of clutter and reasonably clean.

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Let there be light

Use as much natural lighting as possible. Additionally, turn on the lights. Try to avoid using the camera’s built-in flash. This will help brighten the space.

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Composition matters

Try to keep your images balanced, straight and level–avoiding sharp slants or angles. Shoot two walls with a bit of floor and ceiling from an opposing corner to show the scope of the space.

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Local Flavor

In addition to taking pictures inside your home, take some exterior shots as well. Maybe even add one or two of neighborhood hangouts.Home Rental Venice Italy


Quality Counts, Quantity too

Use the best camera you can get your hands on. It will make a difference in the quality of your images. Also, try to take many photos so that you can pick the best from the bunch.

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A Personal Touch

Include colorful items that attract attention and show how the space is used: flowers, a bowl of fruit, a book, some glasses of wine on a patio table.Home Rental Lake Bracciano Italy Making Pasta

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