Celebrating 100,000 Listings, SabbaticalHomes.com Offers Affordable Homes Worldwide  By

Celebrating 100,000 Listings, SabbaticalHomes.com Offers Affordable Homes Worldwide

SabbaticalHomes.com is excited to announce its 100,000th affordable, low-fee, commission-free listing. The privately-owned site serves a niche scholarly market focused on community, integrity, and privacy–it is an attractive alternative to more pricey, popular home rental websites.

Los Angeles, CA (October 2015) – SabbaticalHomes.com, an online listing service for scholars needing to find or offer temporary accommodations, is celebrating its 100,000th listing. Nadege Conger, Sabbatical Homes’ founder is committed to reasonable rents and low fees, she strives to make the site accessible to all walks of academia. “My philosophy when building the website was to create an equitable system that supports academic travel within the scholarly community.”

“I’m focused more on members finding the perfect match rather than treating a home like a hotel,” says Conger. “The idea is to find a like-minded person with whom to make a match, not making your home an investment strategy.” Being part of a niche like-minded community searching for a match is one of the reasons the majority of listings on the site have reasonable rents.

“Reaching the 100,000th listing landmark is an exciting measure of how far reaching our site has become. Being able to find a comfortable home away from home stocked with books, near a research institution or school, and within the cycles of an academic calendar is a unique and valuable service to scholars worldwide,” notes Conger.

Academics, scholars, writers, artists, and friends are welcome to join the online listing community. Members can post their property for home rental, exchange, sitting or sharing and can also register as a home tenant and/or sitter. Searching for a match within a like-minded pool of individuals helps keep rents low and hospitality high.

The site offers reduced listing fees for academics. “It’s important for all scholars to have the opportunity to travel and share their ideas,” says Conger. Posting a home offered listing is US$45 for academics (US$65 for non-academics) and it is free for academics to post a home wanted listing (US$20 for non-academics). Listings remain active for up to 12 months, can be updated at any time, and are renewable.

“Community, integrity, and privacy are important values to me,” says Conger. The site operates without ads or sharing information and no commission fees are collected. To maintain the low listing fees, members who make a successful match through the site pay a Made-a-Match Fee. Conscientious members have sustained the site this way for 15 years.

SabbaticalHomes.com is a trusted, privately-owned site dedicated to the travel and housing needs of academics, scholars, writers, artists, and friends worldwide, with listings in over 55 countries. Proudly run by its founder since 2000, the online listing service serves scholars searching for the perfect tenant, or home to rent, exchange, sit or share.

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