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On December 27, 2021 CNBC affiliate interviewed Kathy Kristof, founder of, on the best ways to earn passive income “by renting out assets that you already own.” made the short list of great resources to generate additional income without a lot of extra work.

While members may not have purchased their home with rental income in mind, it’s no secret that the extra cash flow from finding a match on our website is helpful.

A Great Resource for your Temporary Housing Budget

We regularly hear from members who have been able to afford their sabbaticals, relocations, research trips and vacations by finding a reasonable rental and/or a trustworthy tenant on People also appreciate the extra income – and often the company that results from renting out a private space in their home.

SabbaticalHomes is ideal for the sharing economy, and can also help you generate additional income from what may be your most valuable asset: your home.

Our like-minded community arranges temporary housing on in a variety of ways: renting a home, finding a home exchange and posting a tenant listing to find the right home. Home sharing and house sitting preferences are customizable options on all three types of listings.

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Nadege Conger started in 2000 as a way for our like-minded community to find furnished housing or tenants for their homes. She still runs the successful platform today with an independent team in Los Angeles and relaunched the website in April 2021 to upgrade the technology and improve existing member privacy and security features.

Find out how works, whether you are thinking about renting or exchanging your home or maybe looking for a tenant for your place. With our robust messaging system, members can maintain their privacy by exchanging messages about listings on the platform.

People have the flexibility to make contracts, arrangements and rental payments outside of the website. Members also decide if and when to exchange contact information with others in the community. provides detailed guidelines for searching safely on our website, checking references and arranging contracts.

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