Proud to announce our scholarship opportunity!  By

Proud to announce our scholarship opportunity!

PhD student Bryant Kirkland speaks with Nadege Conger, Founder of about his experience using Are you a student? You can afford to travel too!

College is a place for students to ignite their passion for research, discovery and problem-solving. I recently had the pleasure of meeting one of our PhD student members, Bryant Kirkland. His zeal for learning inspired me to create a scholarship opportunity for students on the go.

Scholars are consistently making the world a better place through thoughtful research, observation, and application. And traveling is paramount to collaborating and advancing their research. But with the cost of higher education on the rise and the average outstanding student loan balance nearing an annual working wage– many students feel they can’t afford to travel.

We want to change that. As an independently-run home listing service dedicated to helping scholars advance research, we’re here to facilitate academic travel for the entire community from PhDs to professors, but many students may not have even heard of us.

Students can afford to travel too using The peer-to-peer website allows for genuine connections within the global academic community, making the world a little smaller and traveling more affordable.

In an effort to help more students get on the move, we created an educational travel scholarship opportunity of $1,500. Click here to apply today!

Please take a moment to pass this information on to the graduate and doctoral students in your life. We’d like to reach out with open arms to the next generation of academics.

Founder on the Move is a series written by Nadege Conger, Founder of She created the site in 2000 to help academics worldwide pursue their research by providing a home exchange and rental website. Connect with Nadege on Facebook.