You can afford to travel too!  By

You can afford to travel too!

Traveling is great, but you don’t have to break the bank to get away! Whether you’re traveling on a student budget or during tight times, here are some tips that will help you get out of town.

She says…

1. Use your award miles!

Having a difficult time redeeming an award even though you have enough points? Contact Award Magic. They’ll have you in the air in no time.

Use your award miles to get you to your next destination!

Use your award miles to get you to your next destination!

2. Consider a home exchange

Want to take an extended trip, but don’t like the cost associated with booking a hotel for a lengthy time? Consider a home exchange. You don’t need to have a large home for this–even condos and apartments can be swapped!

3. Bring your student ID

If you are a student, don’t forget to bring your ID. Entrance fees and tickets are reduced worldwide for students. And when you’re traveling on a tight budget, it’s certainly worth asking.

4. Use the ATM

Reduce your travel costs abroad by using ATM’s to withdraw local currency. You will still incur a fee, but it should be substantially lower (check with your banking institution for details prior to your departure).

5. Explore local events

Discover local community events in your destination. For example, most cities host wonderful festivals that make for a memorable visit.

He says…

6. Figure out the best way to get there

Wondering whether or not it’s cheaper to fly or drive? Check out, a site that compares the cost of flying to driving.

Should you fly or drive to your next destination?

Should you fly or drive to your next destination?

7. Volunteer

Volunteer on a development project! Some organizations may even aid with room and board, and occasionally flights. Check out Lions Club , Optimist Club, or Rotary Club.

8. Apply for a travel scholarship

International funding is becoming more available for students who wish to study abroad. For graduate study and fieldwork in international development, visit the International Development Research Centre. And if you are a graduate or doctoral student traveling for academic purposes, apply for the Educational Travel Scholarship Opportunity today!

9. Get a City Pass

If you plan on visiting the most popular attractions throughout the city, get a city tourism card. This card offers you discounted and free access to major locations and museums, as well as providing free public transportation.

10. Go off-season

Planning to travel to a popular destination? Travel off-season – generally October through April. You’ll find cheaper airfare, spend less time waiting, and meet more locals than tourists. Remember, big cities remain interesting any time of the year.

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