Your Travel Tech Checklist  By

Your Travel Tech Checklist

Your bags are packed, your accommodations have been set up, and you’re ready to begin your sabbatical. But wait – are you going to be using your computer while you’re gone? Your phone? These are all just rhetorical questions, of course, but we’ve broken down a list of technological essentials for any extended trip. 

1. Chargers

If you’re traveling with laptop and mobile devices, you’ll obviously need to bring their respective chargers. But if you anticipate that you will be out and about for long stretches of time during your stay, it’s not a bad idea to have some backup accessories. Companies like Mophie offer a variety of charging cases and docks for your phone/tablet/USB device, to ensure that you have enough juice to last you no matter where you go.

2. Apps

Speaking of mobile devices, your phone can be MVP of travel resources if you’ve got it loaded up with the right apps. We’ve already covered some essential travel apps on the blog, so check them out and start downloading!

3. External Drives

Even if the majority of the work you might be doing on your sabbatical can easily be stored on your laptop, it’s not a bad idea to bring an extra external drive or two. Backing up your work is always a good practice, plus you never know when you might need to transfer files on the go. USB flash-drives are so small that you really have no excuse not to bring one – just don’t lose it!

4. Adapter

If you’re traveling to another country, be sure to research what kind of electrical socket adapter you’ll need in order to plug in. Because the shapes can vary from place to place, you might want to consider getting a global adapter, which typically will have you covered for any destination you may be traveling to.

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