A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words! Share your Experience and Adventures with us on Instagram!  By

A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words! Share your Experience and Adventures with us on Instagram!

Have you just completed a successful sabbatical or did you experience the trip of a lifetime? SabbaticalHomes.com would love to see photos from your host universities, your sabbatical homes, or your sabbatical cities! Bring your adventure to the SabbaticalHomes community so they can take an armchair tour of the world through your lens. We’ll feature our favorites on our Instagram page.

Sharing your experience is easy!  Here’s how. 

From your Instagram account –  

★ First things first – follow us on Instagram and get motivated! We can be found here: @sabbatical_homes 

★Post your favorite sabbatical or vacation pictures. Be sure to caption your photos (or comment) with our official hashtag, #sabbatical_homes 

★ Show off your home! Post your SabbaticalHomes listing photos on your Instagram page and caption with #sabbatical_homes 

★ Did your sabbatical or vacation happen a while back? We love to revisit great experiences! Pick your favorite photos already posted on Instagram and add our hashtag, #sabbatical_homes 

★Did you regram a spectacular photo from a dream destination? Share it with us by adding #sabbatical_homes to the comments.ments.  

Need inspiration?  Here are a couple of great Sabbatical Homes moments that have been shared on Instagram: 

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