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Adventurous New York

New York is the city “that never sleeps,” and with good reason. Every moment of every hour, something is happening. It helps to be a night owl, but even if you aren’t, there is something for everyone in the Big Apple. You could spend an entire lifetime exploring history, artifacts, and people. Here are a few to check off your adventure list:

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Get a seat at Saturday Night Live (SNL). This is not an easy ticket to get, and you will need to plan in advance Don’t forget that there are dress rehearsal opportunities as well. SNL is a New York comedy institution that has been on the air for 42 years now.

Mermaid Parade

Go to the Mermaid Parade at Coney Island. Each year in early summer people from all over New York get funky as they march along (in various states of dress). There is a Queen Mermaid and King Neptune (named after streets the parade follows). For a good time and eye-opening sights, visit Coney Island if you can, but make an effort to visit when the parade is on.

Green-Wood cemetery

Tour the Green-Wood cemetery. This may seem a bit morbid, but the Green-Wood has been an attraction for locals and tourists alike for some time. There are glacial ponds, natural features, and one of the most sizable outdoor collections of statuary from the 19th and 20th General admission to this 478-acre attraction is always free; however, there are private tours and trollies to take you all the way through the grounds. These cost a modest fee. There are also regularly-scheduled talks, lectures, and events.

Bryant Park

Explore Bryant Park. This is not just any park. When it comes to green, living things, it is filled with gardens whose plants are constantly changing with the seasons, two promenades lined by London plane trees, and a small lawn. On the lawn, in the warmer months, yoga, tai chi, and other activities are offered on a regular basis. In the winter, there is the “Bank of America Winter Village,” complete with a free ice skating rink. The Reading Room is the revival of a Depression-era innovation by the New York Library. The furnishings and book carts are open-air and mobile. Fees or library cards aren’t required to read books and magazines. It is simply a quiet space to read, think, and contemplate. There is even what is called the “Art Cart.” It contains art supplies, free of charge to all ages. Studio workshops and craft workshops are held on a regular basis. Board games, such as classic chess, are common sight here as well.

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