Press Release: celebrates its 7000th listing  By

Press Release: celebrates its 7000th listing

Manhattan Beach, CA (February 21, 2003) aims to facilitate academic sabbaticals, post doctorate and research trips by providing a listing service to academics worldwide who need to find or offer temporary accommodations. This is 3rd year, and the service just posted its 7000th listing.

This is the time of the year when academics receive approval for their sabbatical. Now is the time to answer housing questions. Most academics cannot afford two residences during their sabbatical year. It makes economic sense to exchange their home with a fellow professor to enjoy the comfort and practicality of another scholar’s abode. For academics who are making plans for research trips and sabbaticals for this summer and fall, is the perfect website. The service offers homes and tenants in 17 countries and a large inventory of housing so that visitors can find many options to rent and look for the perfect tenants while away. is an attractive choice when one considers the added fees of renting through a real estate agency where charges are often equivalent to the first month’s rent. Furthermore the pool of listings couldn’t be more targeted for academics: most homes for rent or exchange are furnished and relatively close to campus. Many have offices. Best of all, there is an implicit degree of trust amongst academics. As Professor Ken Shadlen from the University of Miami recently said: “Your service saved us a great deal of headache and money”. Please check out our testimonials page of those who have found successful housing arrangements through was launched in 2000 by Nadege Conger in Manhattan Beach, California. There is a set up fee to post a listing. It is free to browse the listings.

by Nadege Conger