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Perhaps you believe in love at first sight, but what about love at first rental? has learned that an owner and a tenant who met via have become engaged and plan to marry in July. While our site has been the start of many lasting friendships, this is our first known engagement.

The story begins as many at do: Bonnie*, the owner of a Cambridge, MA apartment, was going to be traveling a great deal and decided to try to sublet her home. She had multiple people respond via but, by chance, chose a young man from England as her tenant who was going to be on sabbatical at Harvard.

“The timing fit well for both of us, he had great references so we communicated via email until I met him two months later when he arrived in the states,” explained Bonnie. “When we met, neither of us was like what we had each expected based on our emails.”

With Bonnie traveling, they didn’t see each other again for two months. Then, she came back into town to stay with a friend and the two met for coffee. That led to meeting for drinks, to dinner, and soon they were dating. Both were still frequently traveling and had busy work and school schedules, but they were able to make time for long weekends and extended visits to eachother’s locales.

After arranging sabbaticals to coincide with both schedules, Bonnie said, “Getting engaged was very natural and just flowed out of the future we knew we wanted together.”

Bonnie and Ian* are going to be wed in Brighton with close family and friends in attendance. Ian will be teaching full-time in the fall and Bonnie will be working on public policy while in the United Kingdom.

“Our friends and family think the story is hilarious, especially since I got to charge rent and move back in, “ she added, “Of course, we’re both thrilled it worked out this way.”

Congratulations to the happy couple from!

*The names in this article have been changed.

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