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Talk the Talk: German

In our new series ‘Talk the Talk’ we cover the basic phrases you’ll need to be able to speak when traveling to another country. We’ve laid out some fundamental German words and phrases, along with the phonetic pronunciation.

1. Yes/No
Pronounced: yar/niyn

2. Yes, please/No, thank you
Ja, bitte/Nein, danke
Pronounced: yar bitt-er/niyn dang-ker

3. Hello/good morning/afternoon
Hallo/Guten Morgen/Tag
Pronounced: hal-lo/goot-en mor-gen/targ

4. Hello/good evening
Hallo/Gutten Abend
Pronounced: hal-lo/goot-en ar-bent

5. Goodbye
Auf Wiedersehen
Pronounced: owf vee-der zay-en

6. Excuse me
Entschuldigen Sie
Pronounced: ent-shool-dig-en zee

7. Do you speak English?
Sprechen Sie Englisch?
Pronounced: shprexh-en zee eng-lish?

8. Can you help me?
Können Sie mir behilflich sein?
Pronounced: ekern-en zee meer be-hilf-lixh ziyn?

9. Where is…?
Wo ist…?
Pronounced: voe ist…

10. How much?
Wie viel?
Pronounced: vee-feel

11. What’s that?
Was ist das?
Pronounced: vass ist dass

12. What is your name?
Wie heißen Sie?
Pronounced: vee hie-ssen zee

13. I don’t understand
Ich verstehe nicht.
Pronounced: ixh fair-shtay-er nixht

14. How do you say ___ in German?
Wie heißt ___ auf deutsch?
Pronounced: vee heist ___ owf doytch

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