A Meaningful Family Sabbatical  By

A Meaningful Family Sabbatical

Nadege Conger, Founder of SabbaticalHomes.com, reflects on taking a family sabbatical. Not wanting to take a sabbatical alone? Take your family along! Learn with them, grow with them, and connect with your loved ones.

A family sabbatical can be a meaningful way to connect with your loved ones. As with any substantial trip, a lot of planning is involved, but the reward is worthwhile!

We planned a variety of experiences for our summer together. But one of the most meaningful stops I thought my French-American family should make was a visit to Normandy (France). To stand in the same location where the Allies landed and eventually liberated Europe allowed us to reflect on significant historical events that are important to both our personal and global heritage.

At the end of the day, I will say it wasn’t easy accomplishing such a trip. As you can imagine, experiences like this can be loaded with emotion. I wondered if my children would be ready for this reality. But when I look back and realize the importance of it, I wouldn’t change a thing. It felt good to connect to our past.

And after accomplishing a meaningful family trip, I encourage you to explore that significant family-related project on your list!

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