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New York Street Food

New York has been and still is a city of immigrants who bring their culture – and food – with them from their homeland. Variety is the word when it comes to street food in New York. Food trucks are all the rage even now; meals a quick and easy on the go. From classics to new favorites, you will find yourself overwhelmed with choices.

Roasted nuts

A must, especially around the holidays when you can follow your nose to roasted chestnut vendors. Midtown is best, but vendors may be found everywhere. The classic is a roasted peanut, which is lightly salted, but other nuts, such as cashews, almonds, and pecans are also offered at certain vendors. Some even offer a sweetened version.

Street Pretzel

It may not be the go-to for locals, but it is a must for first-time visitors. These pretzels are large. They are somewhat tough, but the insides are a soft treat. Traditional pretzels are served with large granules of salt, but there are many variations available.

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A treat originally emanating from Chinatown. Today, the little dough envelope may contain ingredients other than simple minced meat and vegetables. Many times, the dumplings are sold one at a time, so you are encouraged to try several different types. It isn’t unusual to find vegetarian ones as well.


They’re all the rage. Whether they are sweet or savory, American or foreign, these food trucks can be seen everywhere. Without a doubt, the company everyone talks about the most is Waffles and Dinges. They have trucks and cafes all over the city. You may indulge any time of day.

New York style pizza

A classic treat created by an immigrant from Naples named Gennaro Lombardi in 1905. With a hand-tossed, foldable crust, a light layer of sauce, and full-fat mozzarella cheese, this pizza is what you see every New Yorker eat on television or in the movies.

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Dirty water dog

If you told a New Yorker that a dirty water dog is just a hot dog, they would likely laugh. The term is slang for a hot dog that has been cooking in the same water for at least a full day. There are more street vendors selling hot dogs than almost anything else in New York. Some will warn you away from these “well done” wonders, but again, it’s just part of the experience.

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