Top 5 “Must haves” for a writing retreat  By

Top 5 “Must haves” for a writing retreat

We had the pleasure of meeting so many writers at the AWP conference this year and a shared sentiment they seemed to have for a writing retreat was, “I really don’t need much, I just need to be away from my home…” We loved the simplicity of the statement and decided it would be fun to create a “must haves” list for a writing retreat:

1.Kitchen sink

You’ll inevitably want to snack while you’re diving into writing your next masterpiece. Where there’s a kitchen sink, there’s likely a kitchen…and here’s where some of the magic happens. Keep yourself nourished and the writing will flow.

2. Shower

Unless you truly plan on roughing it, a peaceful shower is not only essential for keeping you fresh and clean, it’s also a great place to have an aha moment!

3. Light

Light inspires and warms us. There’s a magical property to it. A place that’s gently licked by the sun can be truly inspirational.

4. A comfortable chair

What’s better than an inviting space to sit and contemplate your next page turner? Get cozy and relax, then trust your process.

5. Internet Access

While sometimes analog is the best way to write down inspiring ideas and sketch memorable moments, internet access is increasingly important for research, notations, and saving great ideas to the cloud. Whether you choose to get tactile with pen and paper or use your notebook computer, the connection should help spark an idea!

What do you think? What do you need?

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