Honor Roll – 2016 Top Contributors  By

Honor Roll – 2016 Top Contributors

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Members like these represent the integrity of our website. By creating their listings, finding the right fit for a home or tenant and paying their Made-a-Match fees when they are successful, these members help keep the Sabbatical Homes community running.

Without individuals like these, we wouldn’t be able to continue our dedicated service to scholars. We would like to formally thank and recognize these members:

Colette Petit
Dr. Thalia Struve-Broughton
Dr. Elisabeth Ban
Dr. Candace Mccoy
Pamela Dunlop
Christine Lamy
Gayleen Mackereth
David Banks
Helen Nixon
Prof. Pierre Boulle
Dr. Margaret Rockenbeck
Dr. Richard Mohr
Lou Calcagno
Margaret Phillips
Paul Perron
Cid Barrett
Nathalie Latham
Laura Morland
Lance Lee
Aries Roessler
Cornelia Thiels
Emmanuel And Regine Bouts
Dr. Andrew & Mary St George
Robert Talbot-Stern
Antoinette Carlon
Chantal Perrot
Dr. Ian Johnson

Hannelore Jarausch

Sophie Chavane
Brendan Walsh

John Childs

Dr. Penny Mccullagh
Megan Todd
Prof. James Turner
Elizabeth S. Nord
Jan Schuette
Dr. L Theresa Watkins
Barbara L. Estrin
Dr. Nicole Bordenave
Prof. Eric Tucker
Pamela White
Leslie Corcos
Prof. Andrea Graziosi
Beth Kramer
Gilberte Furstenberg
Helen Auerbach
Prof. Lena Orlin
Ann Ottanelli
Prof. Giovanni Cornia
Rea Maragno
Therese Bolt

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