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Researching at the Huntington

The Huntington in Pasadena, California awards 200 research fellowships every year and hosts an additional 1600 scholars who come to study within their special collections. Over a third of these scholars come from distances far away to study the library collections, which include manuscripts, rare books, reference works, photographs, prints and ephemera.

Huntington Scholars are eager to explore the collection, but they first must secure local housing for themselves, and sometimes for their families as well. It’s impossible to engage in comprehensive study at the library without having a place to stay for an extended period of time.

Huntington Scholars: Finding a Temporary Home

Due to high demand, expense, and limited availability of housing in the Los Angeles area, many Huntington Scholars turn to to find a temporary housing. The website’s mission is to help the academic community worldwide pursue research for the greater good of humankind.

One need not be on sabbatical to use the site, as it was created to serve scholars: PhD students, professors, researchers, writers, artists, and scientists whether traveling for sabbatical, academic research, writing retreats, or just those enjoying some time-off.

Huntington Scholars are advised to invest some time searching for available home rentals, home exchanges, house sitting and/or home sharing opportunities on

Every year numerous scholars from around the world begin mapping their way to the impressive independent research library in San Marino, California. It’s important to keep in mind that the Los Angeles area is vast and although taking residence at the beach can be tempting, the commute is ill advised. When searching for the perfect home try sticking to San Marino and neighboring cities, such as: Pasadena, South Pasadena, Alhambra, Altadena, Sierra Madre, Arcadia, La Canada Flintridge, or Eagle Rock.

While in Southern California, Huntington Scholars don’t have to leave their own homes empty. It is also possible to post a home listing to find a tenant while you may be traveling.  Although not necessary, it is an option to help offset expenses.

Huntington Scholars: Posting a Tenant Listing

Keep in mind that some homeowners are very private and choose not to post their home, but rather search the site for the perfect tenant. Hence the importance of creating a free academic tenant or house sitter listing.

Huntington Scholars who create a tenant listing on are able to indicate their optimal home location and timeframe for their visit. They should also describe why they’re visiting, include relevant links to their research online, and perhaps most importantly make mention that they are a “Huntington Scholar” within their profile.

Registering, creating a profile and posting a tenant listing is the best way to easily connect with other members through the site without having to repeat information when sending a query. Another added benefit is the ability to save search results, create a list of favorites, keep track of queries and more.

Community Integrity for Scholars and Academics

As an academic it’s very reasonable to post a tenant or house sitter listing or a home offered for rent or exchange. does not take a commission. We operate this way because we feel it’s important for all scholars to have the opportunity to travel and share ideas.

Low listing fees help keep the service accessible and equitable. When members find a home or tenant using the site, a $50 Made-a-Match fee is due. This allows us to maintain our low listing fees and to keep our website free of advertising.

Much like the Huntington Library, it’s truly the integrity of the community that allows us to keep the independent and unique operation running. is honored to act as a resource to help house Huntington research fellows.

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