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Beyond a Break with Lyndall Farley

Lyndall Farley: Supporting People on their Sabbatical Journey We spoke recently with Lyndall Farley, founder of Beyond a Break, who thrives on living a “sabbatical life.” Her chosen rhythm of focused hard work with time off to recharge has given her a unique perspective on…

10 Rental Questions to Ask a Landlord

Whether renting a home for the long or short-term, it is important to carefully vet a landlord (as the landlord will also be vetting you, the tenant). By asking a landlord the right questions, you will be more likely to avoid unexpected surprises after move-in….

Founder on the Move: UBC, Vancouver

UBC, Vancouver Campus This past Spring, founder Nadege Conger visited the University of British Columbia’s Vancouver campus to attend an industry conference. As always, Nadege loves to immerse herself in a university environment and connect with members in the area. This trip included…