Brit or American: 5 differences between the two  By

Brit or American: 5 differences between the two

From language to cuisines and mannerisms, there have always been things that varied between the American and British culture. If you’re traveling from one place to the other, here are a couple differences to keep in mind.


1. Food Substitutions

The American culture has honored the idea of customizing any order, even if it’s a house specialty. However, the British haven’t heard of a “meal substitution”, proudly creating the delicious meals from their menu. If you’re looking for something specific, make sure it’s on the menu!


2. Tipping

In America, it’s natural to tip service workers. What is overlooked is that a lot of American staff don’t get paid an hourly wage, thus rely on tips for income. Unless the bill includes a service charge, it’s not the social norm for British to pay tips.


3. Pubs vs. Bars

Short for ‘public house’, the traditional pub tends to be a focal point for the community. A bar tends to be in a built-up area, catching the after-work crowd or the Saturday night drinks. Dining options will differ, but pubs offer typical British favorites (e.g. fish and chips); bars will usually have a selection of light appetizers to accompany their drinks menu.


4. Driving in the Opposite Direction?

Driving on the left is not an eccentric choice made by individuals, but rather their traditional decision of shared-road travel. It’s possible that the martial game of Jousting demonstrates this tradition as combatants rode toward one another with the lance in their right hand.


5. Where’s the nearest Subway? 

There’s no such thing, but there’s a tunnel! In London, The London Underground is a pedestrian way beneath roads. This metro system serves Greater London and the home of neighboring counties. Although the system comprises of only 11 lines, this underground serves 270 stations.



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