Notable Member: Education Leader Dr. Katherine K. Merseth  By

Notable Member: Education Leader Dr. Katherine K. Merseth

Education Leader Investigates Pros/Cons of Charter Schools is eager to feature the accomplishments of its members on the website. So many of you are doing exciting things that are of interest to our diverse community. We also hope that has been helpful in the successes of our academics, writers and artists.

Our Notable Member for this issue of our newsletter is Dr. Katherine K. Merseth, Senior Lecturer, Harvard School of Education, and long-time member.

The National Association of Charter School Authorizers recently honored Dr. Merseth for Excellence in Advancing Knowledge, primarily for her work on her current book, Inside Urban Charter Schools.

“It is an honor to be recognized by this group because it represents the gate keeper for high quality charter schools,” said Merseth. “I have been interested in the charter school movement since it began in 1993. It offers real opportunities as well as possible perils for reforming K-12 education.”

Charter schools are center stage in the debate about the state of education and school reform across the United States. Perhaps no one is more qualified to speak to the successes of charter schools than Dr. Merseth.

The next step in her work is to investigate low-achieving charter schools to determine if the factors that were important for high achieving charter schools, as identified in her book, Inside Urban Charter Schools, are missing from the low-achieving ones.

Merseth thinks the success of is tied to its unique demographic. “Academics are easier to work with since they often have the same schedule I do,” explained Merseth. She sends lots of pictures to her prospective tenants and uses former tenants as references. “It’s relatively simple.” is proud of Dr. Merseth’s accomplishments and looks forward to her continued input on the changing face of education. We will keep you all posted on her findings. If you have a suggestion for a Notable Member, please contact us at


by Sara Pritzkat

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