The Chronicle of Higher Education: Mom on Sabbatical  By

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Mom on Sabbatical

Professor Lee Tobin McClain teaches English and is the director of the master’s program in writing popular fiction at Seton Hill University. She wrote a thoughtful four-part series about her sabbatical for The Chronicle of Higher Education.

While first embarking on her sabbatical journey, she wrote Going on Sabbatical, which included her preparations—from choosing a sabbatical project to making the request. In Mom on Sabbatical, McClain struggled with the frustration of competing tugs on her time—writing and her daughter. She tumbled into “thorny problems” presented by both her project and the melting monotony of her days in Sabbatical Blues. And recounted the entire journey and eventual return to the classroom in A Sabbatical Ends.

Click on the blue links above to read Professor Lee Tobin McClain’s full articles. We enjoyed following her column in The Chronicle and hope that you will too!