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Paris for Seasoned Travelers

Paris is the city of lights, the city for lovers, the city of culture, art, music, and amazing food. It is the epitome of sophistication. Seasoned travelers will find almost too many things to do, but a few carefully selected places and events will make for a lifetime of memories.

The Louvre

Credited as the largest museum in the world with 35,000 pieces on display (and thousands more in constant rotation). Needless to say, it is foolhardy to attempt to cover this masterpiece in even two or three days. Plan on spreading it out. There are three wings divided into eight sections. While it is the jewel of Parisian culture, there is an international flavor as well. You may follow a guided tour, but the museum also offers a mobile app that offers maps, routes to specific works, and over 5,000 recorded commentaries.

Opera National de Paris

For a rich and memorable performance experience, look into concerts, ballets, or operas at the Opéra Bastille or Palais Garnier. These buildings are part of the Opera National de Paris. The company has its own orchestra, chorus, ballet, and ballet school. Even if classical music and dance aren’t your thing, experiencing a performance in one of these magnificent, historical buildings will be memorable. Each establishment is complete with bars and restaurants to make the evening complete.

Carnaval de Paris

A centuries-old tradition still celebrated on “Fat Tuesday” every year before Easter. It is where New Orleans got its Mardi Gras from. Back in 1790, the Mayor tried to ban the carnival by making it illegal to appear in disguise or wearing a mask. That lasted two years. Again, in the mid-19th century, there were calls for the carnival to end. Today, it is a much more “family friendly” event – at least during the day. At night, the atmosphere changes. For a taste of medieval Paris, this is a must-try.

The Salon du Chocolat

A feast for your mouth. Paris is known for delicious foods, and sweets are part of the package. Every November, this international festival pits 500 chocolatiers against each other, and it is open to the public for tastings. Whether you are a fan of pastries, not-so-sweet items, or sugar rushes, this festival has it all for you.


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