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Pets on Sabbatical

Many pet owners will tell you that the hardest part of being a fur parent is leaving them behind. When planning longer travel for a sabbatical or a research trip, finding accommodations for your pets can be challenging, but we don’t want your furry friends to be left behind. Here are some of our favorite options for your pets on sabbatical.

Take your pet on sabbatical with you

Many of our homeowners on are animal lovers themselves, and they know how hard it can be to leave their pets behind. When working out the details of your arrangements, ask the homeowner if they would be open to you bringing your pet along.

Not everyone will say yes, of course, but some might. When you’re looking at a listing on, there is a spot called “Considerations” in the “Amenities” tab that will tell you if pets are allowed or negotiable (depending on the home and the pet in question). Check out this part of the listing and talk to the owner to see if this option works for the pair of you.

If you are considering taking your pet on sabbatical, you may want to take some advice from John Woods, a dog trainer expert and founder of who has partnered with to give our members advice on this topic. John provides helpful tips for making travel by car or plane go more smoothly, helping your pet adjust to new surroundings and the benefits of crate training in 5 Simple Hacks for Sabbatical Homes Dog Parents when Traveling with Pets.

If it’s not a good fit for you to take your pet on sabbatical this time, never fear! There are many other good options that will set your mind at ease so you know your pet is being well taken care of while you are traveling. 

Find a pet-sitter members

If you are renting out your own home through, you can ask your tenant if they would be interested in watching your pet while they stay in your home. Some people would welcome the chance to hang out with your animals, especially if they’re missing pets of their own! This conversation should take place when you’re working out the terms of your agreement so that no one is surprised when they arrive.

Many members find this part of making a match is invaluable since they know their home and pets are being cared for by other responsible, attentive members. Just make sure to provide clear instructions on your pet(s) normal routines, medications, food preferences, and veterinarian contact information. 

Outside Pet Sitting Services

However, if you’re going on a shorter trip and aren’t renting out your own home, finding an external home/pet sitter might be the best option for you. Apps like Wag and Rover let you comb through profiles and reviews of different pet sitters to find one that works for your schedule and price range. This way, if you can’t bring your pet along, you can know they’re in good hands and in their own home.

Whatever option you choose, communication is key. Like many people, our pets thrive in situations where there is a predictable routine. If they know what to expect from the people taking care of them, it will decrease their stress and any behavior that sometimes occurs when animals are anxious. Our guest blogger John Woods details tips to manage pet anxiety in “The Adjustment” section of his article on our blog.  

If you’re planning to use to facilitate your pet sitting, make sure that you are completely upfront about your expectations and pet(s) needs so that you and the other members are able to enjoy your sabbatical leave!

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