Press Release: Academics Making Connections  By

Press Release: Academics Making Connections

Manhattan Beach, CA (February 15, 2011) is enjoying its 11th year of operation and is making more connections than ever before in the academic community.

With over 56 countries represented and nearly 7,000 listings, members can find homes away from home nearly anywhere in the world. This year, in response to the economic times, has added a Home Sharing feature to provide another avenue of travel for budget-conscious travelers.

“For the money, this was a great value. The rental amount was equal or less than amounts my friends paid for smaller flats or ones less well located,” explained Sam Hickey from MIT, one of the first members to try the House Share feature. “This was a pleasant and good match for me. My housemates were very relaxed and welcoming. They gave me advice about London and Europe and we even cooked a bit for each other –and they were always offering to make me tea,” explained Sam.

This year, can even boast its first wedding as two of its members who met via a rental connection fell in love and married this last July. Many of the people using become friends and stay in touch thereafter. really is a small-world experience. It is not unusual for our members to coincidentally know someone who is inquiring about their property, or to have a connection through friends, a past experience, or through study. That’s what makes this site so special,” said Nadege Conger, founder of the travel site.

About is a specialized housing service connecting academics, writers and artists across the globe. The website facilitates home exchanges and rentals for these professionals, having published over 58,000 worldwide listings. It is the leading internet-based directory for home exchanges devoted to the academic community. Providing not only an extensive listing service for individuals listing and seeking available homes, it is also a source of valuable information for successful home exchanges, sabbaticals, and traveling.

The company was founded in 2000 by Nadege Conger, herself the spouse of a professor. Hundreds of academic websites link to and refer to it as a valuable resource when planning sabbaticals, research trips, or creative retreats. The company has been featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education (United States edition), The Guardian (United Kingdom), Inside Higher Ed, Marie Claire, and Fine Living, among other publications. Located in Manhattan Beach, CA, is run by a team of multinational individuals dedicated to the pursuit of education.

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