Proud of my Alma Mater  By

Proud of my Alma Mater

I have recently been hearing many stories of academics who have been stranded outside the US after the immigration ban. As scholars, we appreciate the ability to share new discoveries with each other by cross-pollinating our knowledge bases with each other through travel. It’s painful to know that so many vibrant minds are being restricted from conferences, visiting professorships, research trips, and so forth.

In a time when we are seeing barriers set up that restrict the flow of scholars from specific countries, it is refreshing to hear optimistic news from my undergraduate Alma Mater. The University of Alberta has established the President’s Award for Refugees and Displaced Persons Fund. It covers the cost of tuition and living expenses for up to 10 undergraduate or graduate Syrian students. I am hopeful that more universities will share in this gesture of humanity and follow suit.

If you would like to offer your home to an academic refugee, please contact the founder.


Founder on the Move is a series written by Nadege Conger, Founder of She created the site in 2000 to help academics worldwide pursue their research by providing a home exchange and rental website. Connect with Nadege on Facebook.


  1. Thanks for this Nadine, good suggestions. On this side of the water, anyone interested in helping academics who are refugees or at risk should contact CARA – Council for At Risk Academics – which helps academics outside UK to get places and fellowships at UK universities. Obviously such people also need homes, as their stipends tend not to be large.

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      Thanks Pat!

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