The Traveling Family: Mexico City  By

The Traveling Family: Mexico City

Traveling to a foreign city with your family can feel overwhelming, but most parents agree that it’s a worthwhile endeavor to expose them to traditional and historical places around the world. Mexico City is filled with many different traditional customs, places, and activities to offer that can appeal to the entire family.

To better experience the Mexican culture, visit some of the city’s historically significant places. Visit to the Zocalo, take a lake ride in the Trajineras at Xochimilco, or if your vacation time allows it, devote a whole morning to admire the awe- inspiring pyramids in Teotihuacan. Take into consideration the appropriate pace for your family based on the ages of your children, as it can be overwhelming and tiring for small children to make an intense tour. If this is the case, devote half your day to exploring historical sites and spend the rest of the day enjoying more relaxed activities.

To truly experience a new city it’s a good idea to visit not just the typical hot spots, but also the local markets, parks, and museums. Spend an afternoon walking in La Roma zone or La Condesa and get in touch with the local way of living. Mexican people are very friendly and are willing to guide you in the right direction or help you in any way they can. Still, you should always remember to mind all of your belongings, especially in the more crowded places of the city. Always have a meeting spot when you are traveling with your family where you are sure you can get back to in case anyone gets lost.

Mexico City is full of contrast. You can find wonderful malls, restaurants and boutiques in areas like Polanco and Santa Fe, and can also experience the every day life in the more popular areas such as Coyoacan. Remember that this capital is well known for its bustling population, so prepare to spend several hours in traffic, especially during rush hours. Plan ahead for the places you want to visit to help save time that otherwise could be lost in traffic.

To experience the emblematic culture this country has to offer, you must also be prepared to taste some of the most exotic foods and flavors. Don’t be afraid to try new dishes with different ingredients. Mexico is well known for its cuisine and even if you prefer not to eat street food, you can always opt to try similar dishes in established restaurants that serve the same traditional tacos, enchiladas and guacamole.

Not everything has to be traditional, and if one day you decide you want to treat your children and have an all-ages appropriate day of fun you can check out the Papalote Museo del Niño, la Ciudad de los Niños, or even Six Flags.

Mexico City is a place where you can find entertainment suitable for everyone in the family. You will find a city that is full of colors, life, delicious food and friendly people.

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