Tips for a Family Vacation to Remember in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  By

Tips for a Family Vacation to Remember in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you are looking for a fun, exotic getaway with the whole family, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil may be just the thing for you! Full of natural beauty and wonder, Carnival, and wonderful music, it is an adventure you will not likely forget. This is a place for your outdoorsy kids who do not want to spend their vacations stuck inside large, dusty museums full of things they can’t touch.

Christ the Redeemer or Christo Redentor

This 120-foot-tall statue of Christ is considered one of the “Seven New Wonders of the World,” and it is one of Rio’s biggest attractions. It stands upon Corcovado Mountain and looks over the city, arms outstretched. The sheet size of the mountain and the statue alone make this outing worth the trip. Getting there is part of the fun. Use a cog train. This little engine-that-could runs on electricity, has very large windows, and allows passengers to see and hear the howler monkeys who live all around along the way. Experts recommend that you start your tour early in the day to avoid the crowds (and it does get very crowded). Your experience will be much more fun that way.

Parque Enrique Lage

This public park may not be the biggest or best-known in the city, but it is nestled in at the foot of Corcovado Mountain, so it would be a great stop to blow off some steam after seeing the giant monument. The land was once part of a private playground for a wealthy family, but in the 1960’s it was turned into a public space. There are many walking trails through garden grounds filled with local plants, a small fairytale castle used by local television productions, a pond with fish, an old coffee plantation, and a lagoon to explore.

Botanical Gardens

It seems like every major city has its own botanical garden, and Rio is no exception. This garden boasts 6,500 kinds of plants, and most are indigenous to Brazil. Your children may have seen many rose gardens, but they may not have seen these plants! It really will be a fun learning experience. In addition, there is an informal café inside the garden where you can rest your feet in the shade.

Tijuca National Forest

Brazil is world-famous for its rain forests, and this happens to be the world’s largest urban one. It is actually within Rio’s city limits. Inside its 8,000 acres, kids can do rock climbing, repelling, and even hang gliding. If that is a little too exciting, there are many walking paths filled with exotic animals your kids can look for. The park itself is free, but there is a fee to go up the mountain to see Christ the Redeemer.

Baxio Leblon

There are so many beaches in Rio, and some of them are quite famous, such as Copacabana Beach. If you have little ones in tow, however, the skimpy bikinis and speedos along with nonstop vendors selling tourist trinkets may not be right for you. Baxio Leblon is a haven for small children; it is filled with play equipment build for them, a safe beach, and plenty of changing stations.


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