For our Members: Introducing the Community Builder Badge  By

For our Members: Introducing the Community Builder Badge

At SabbaticalHomes, we value relationships and ideas that strengthen our community.  We listen and learn from all of you and make it a priority to keep you informed of changes that help build stronger connections for all of us. 

Unlike other home rental services, we are unique in our approach.  Our fee structure has always been straightforward, with no hidden fees.  Whether you are posting your home listing for rent or exchange, or you are posting a listing for a home wanted, the fees are modest and cover a 12-month period.

We purposefully designed our system this way to encourage academics and other minds on the move to find each other and build worldwide relationships – we provide the introduction and you get to set your own terms with the people you find as your matches.  

One of the ways we help guide our members to find a match is through a series of badges that are associated with each individual member’s profile.  These badges indicate whether the member is a verified academic, a connected member that has been referred by other members of the community, or a member who has been hand-picked by the founder.   

Based on your comments and questions, we were inspired to redefine and replace the somewhat ambiguous Contributor badge (which was acquired when a member submitted a donation or contribution) with the more comprehensive and defined Community Builder badge.   

Members receive the Community Builder badge for their profile when they make a successful match with another member and submit their Made-a-Match fee.   

What is a Made-a-Match fee?  

  • When a member finds the right fit for a home or tenant, the Made-a-Match fee of $50 allows us to keep our listing fees low and the website accessible to all.
  • This fee is only due if a match has been made. 
  • Once submitted, you receive a Community Builder badge for your profile. 

Why is the Community Builder badge important?  

  • This badge demonstrates that you were able to successfully work with another member to make a match, and 
  • It highlights your dedication to the  community, helping us remain advertisement-free and keeping our service affordable to all minds on the move. 

We enjoy hearing from you! is always looking for ways to learn and improve. We welcome your feedback and are here to personally answer your questions. Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook.

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