Notable Member: Artist Katherine Dolgy  By

Notable Member: Artist Katherine Dolgy

Art Pays Rent for One of our Notable Members

Toronto-based artist Katherine Dolgy is taking her vibrantly colored paintings around the world—and through her relationship with, will rarely pay for lodging.

Dolgy extends her art internationally by staying in the homes of academics, artists, and writers. Rather than pay the traditional monetary rental fee, Dolgy instead leaves the owner an original work of art. “I make sure to incorporate the places, people and objects that are dear to the people whose homes I visit,” explains Dolgy.

“I have built an international practice quickly, with a lot of honors, and I couldn’t have managed it without I become very attached to my temporary homes. I have spent two to 15 months in homes and the owners all have remained friends to me, keeping in touch over the years,” said Dolgy, who has been exchanging art for rent for seven years. Dolgy and her “landlords” get a feel for each other from multiple emails prior to the exchange.

Finding connections is an easy process for the artist. She simply lists a “Home Wanted” on for the city she would like to visit. Members of the web site can reply to her directly to arrange dates and details and begin the process of getting to know one another.

“People are often surprised to see objects, pets, even whole rooms appear in my paintings,” Dolgy mused. “The landlords are positive about the art which is an expression of who I am, but with a touch of who they are, too.”


by Sara Pritzkat

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