House Sharing Option a Hit with London Traveler  By

House Sharing Option a Hit with London Traveler has launched a new feature this year, the House Share. Sam Hickey, one of our members, is the first to have experienced this option for travel and it was a huge success. “This was a pleasant and good match for me. My housemates were very relaxed and welcoming. They gave me advice about London and Europe and we even cooked a bit for each other –and they were always offering to make me tea,” explained Hickey.

Looking to travel to London for the first time, but on a budget, Hickey was on the hunt for short-term affordable rental options. He also liked the idea of house sharing as an opportunity to get to know people who would know the city better than he did.

He sent out messages to four or five people on and was able to find a match that seemed quite compatible. He found a flat, centrally located in London with two housemates for his ten-week stay. The flat was a nice-sized apartment, with his own bedroom, and a full kitchen. Hickey explained, “For the money, this was a great value. The rental amount was equal or less than amounts my friends paid for smaller flats or ones less well located.”

The idea of rooming with strangers may be take a little getting used to but is a terrific option for keeping travel costs low. “One tip I have is that even one Skype call with your prospective housemates before getting there goes a long way to putting your mind at ease about staying with strangers. This is what we did and it assured me that we would get along well,” advised Sam. “I would absolutely house share again,” said Hickey.

Look for House Share option on our site under Homes Offered and you to may be on your way to a new destination—and new friends as a bonus!

by Sara Pritzkat