My Favorite Part of SH is our Community of Members!  By

My Favorite Part of SH is our Community of Members!

I enjoy keeping in touch with SH members! Will we have the pleasure of meeting you at an upcoming conference?

My favorite part of is keeping in touch with our amazing community. I communicate daily with our members. People are often surprised to get an email from the founder. My philosophy when building the website was to create an equitable system that supports academic travel within the scholarly community. And it’s my honor and privilege to still be so involved in a site I love and stand behind.

Beyond emails, I enjoy meeting our members in person. I will be attending two conferences this academic year in hopes to meet some members and make new friends. Please stop by our booth at the American Council of Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL) in San Diego, California this fall and/or the Modern Language Association (MLA) in Austin, Texas this winter.

Conscientious members have sustained the site for 15 years. I am always excited to meet our wonderful members and also to encourage new scholars to join the Sabbatical Homes community!

Founder on the Move is a series written by Nadege Conger, Founder of She created the site in 2000 to help academics worldwide pursue their research by providing a home exchange and rental website.


  1. Alix Stecker

    Dear Nadine, I will be in Lyon until mid November and will probably not be able to meet you in person in San Diego. However, depending on the dates of the conference, I might be able to lend you my house in Point Loma, which is perfect for entertaining and has a spectacular view of the bay. Let me know if you like the idea. My very best. Alix Stecker

  2. Wendy Greene

    This spring, my husband and I spent a month of his sabbatical in Paris,, staying in an apartment that we found through SH. I cannot speak highly enough of the site, the ease with which we found the apartment, the excellent contact we had with the owner and the absolutely marvellous time we spent in the apartment, in my favourite city in the world. I am already counting the days, months and years until his next sabbatical! Next time, we’re aiming for a month in Paris and a month in Berlin. Needless to say, we’ll be using SH to find our two apartments!

  3. Hi there Nadege, glad to read your article, and it is great to see your photo!
    We think your website is fantastic, we have hosted many guests in Brunswick (Melbourne Australia – my parent’s apartment), and Hobart (Tasmania – our house) and we have also stayed in SH apartments in NewYork, Florence, Venice, Sydney.
    Keep up the great work, it really is great to meet real people and find that they are just like us!!

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