Notable Member: Bicontinental Professor Deike Peters  By

Notable Member: Bicontinental Professor Deike Peters

Living a bicontinental lifestyle from Berlin to Los Angeles—each city with a different culture—home is where you make it.

It’s Deike Peters’ fifth time successfully finding renters for her Berlin home through She, her screenwriter husband, and two children have chosen to live a bicontinental lifestyle. She champions their choice, explaining, “We love the opportunity to expose our children to different cultures and still have a true sense of home in both locations.”

Sabbatical in Berlin, Germany

Sabbatical in Berlin, Germany

Using has allowed them to keep both their Berlin and Los Angeles homes. Peters notes, “We only need our Berlin home back for two months over the summer so we have been able to rent it out for the entire academic/school year. This is perfect for the many academic families who come to Berlin on sabbatical. Although it can take some time and effort to connect with the right people, it’s worth it. Without a service like to help make these connections, a lifestyle like this would be difficult to maintain.”

Being a veteran member, Peters shared some valuable information about finding the perfect candidates for taking care of one’s personal space. She admits it takes a certain mindset, but wants to assure others that it actually works. Peters believes in developing a relationship with potential renters. She recommends taking the extra time to get to know them and their personalities. “If you are unable to meet in person, make sure you at least set up a Skype or Google video call,” she explains. Peters advises asking your potential renter relevant questions such as whether they are homeowners and, if so, how they care for their home. “Trust your intuition and look for what’s right for you,” she says.

When talks get serious it’s important to clarify expectations – both yours and theirs. Discuss the home and weigh in on pragmatic considerations from the accommodation space, furnishings, and kids’ toys to towels and bedding. “Make sure to specify if things can be cleared out and where to put them if need be” says Peters. It’s also a good idea to provide renters with a list of pertinent contact information and nearby resources.

One of the benefits of being a member is the good faith in knowing that your renters will be like-minded and professional. Nevertheless, Peters advises to cover your bases, “Prepare a fixed rental contract, ask for a security deposit, and don’t validate the contract until the deposit clears the bank.” Additionally, if you are in the United States, it’s possible to ask the renter to submit a self credit check. Another legitimizing detail is a reference letter from the renter’s university/college/professional network. is proud to help academics find homes in their desired location. But Peters is quick to note, “ is more than a home service, it’s a network powered by a resourceful academic community.”

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